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Raised in an unconventional way, learning to ride elephant, horses and to use weapons effectively, Lakshmibai grew up with Nana Sahib and Tatya Tope, who were active participants in the first revolt of independence. She assembled 14,000 rebels and organised an army for the defence of the Jhansi. She died on June 17 after giving a fierce time to British. General Hugh Rose, who defeated her, paid high tribute to his enemy when he said “Here lay the woman who was the only man among the rebels

We launched our revolutionary volunteering platform “Grassroots” on remembrance of the great Rani of Jhansi, Lakshmibai’s birthday, November 19, 1828.

Welcome Note

Event started at 3.10 PM, with exemplary speech by our Campaign Coordinator, Gowtham Shana. The technical team were then introduced to the audience.

Followed by the Welcome Note, we had our 6 enrolling NGOs, speak of their social activities, obstacles they face and how they think Grassroots could help them.

In between the speeches, we ran this Goose bumping, motivational videos:

Chief Guests

Our Lead NGO Coordinator, Sathish Kumar invited our Chief guests to the stage. True to the meaning of Grassroots, we invited 3 unsung heroes as our Chief guests,

  1. Whose job is to literally save people’s life
  2. Who saved almost 100s of lives
  3. Whose whole life is at Grassroots level

Our Chief guests are

  1. Mr. Selva Kumar – 108 Ambulance pilot
  2. Mr. Nithyananda – 108 EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
  3. Miss. Vijitha -108 EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)

They shared some of their challenging life saving moments, which touched our hearts.


Product Launch

The most awaited moment, Product launch, came next. All NGOs, Tech team, Chief guests came to stage and opened up the Grassroots Frame, marking the launch of Product.

Grassroots Launch - Proud moment

Grassroots Launch – Proud moment

Vision, Mission, App walkthrough

Gowtham explained the Ground reality of Volunteering and how Grassroots will try solving it.

Then Saiyasodharan took the stage covering the following:

  • General trend of IT companies, trying to solve the problems of Developed nations. More than problem solving, many companies are driven by money making.
  • Vision of our company to solve local social problems in economically sustainable way.
  • Grassroots – First milestone.
  • Grassroots – To evolve as a Social network.
  • Live preview of app – This didn’t happen because of some technical Glitch. We are positive unexpected obstacles like this is to take us to great heights.

Grassroots Song


Hearty thanks to all supporters for making this possible. The session ended with Vote of thanks and National Anthem.

With 150+ people attending the launch ceremony, it was awesome to see all coming together to work for a real change. We are sure it will change the way you look at change!


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