Baby steps into 2017

2016 is a humble start for grassroots with 42 days of activity from November 19,2016 to Dec 31, 2016.

Some stats:

  1. We have joined with 6 NGO’s
  2. Helped in creating 45 Events
  3. Raised  INR 600

Supporting NGOs

  1. Arappor Iyakkam
  2. Chennai Social Service
  3. Lit the Light
  4. Satta Panchayat Iyakkam
  5. Shasha Foundation
  6. Thozhan

We are still in pilot testing phase. Loads of improvements has been made to NGO Panel and improvements are being made to Volunteer app. Though events are created in Grassroots, Volunteers are not much active, because of some annoying experience in app. Now our team is focusing on improving the app experience and fixing the trouble causing bugs. Once app is more stable, the 6 NGOs will import their existing Volunteer base into Grassroots. We are also re-initiating our College campaigns to pull in fresh Volunteers. Once these are all done, we will start getting volunteers, which will happen in upcoming months.

The support of these 6 NGOs has always encouraged us to push ourselves and go wider and deeper in all our established and upcoming activities. We cherish this beautiful journey we embarked with NGOs support and hope to continue this for years to come. These NGOs have made a real difference in the lives of many and with Grassroots with their side, they should be able to do more with less effort.


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