Grassroots – Stepping into 2nd Year

1 year since we started giving wings to the idea, 7 days since our 1st anniversary mega event, Grassroots team cannot thank each one of you enough for all the support we have got so far. We couldn’t have come this far without your inputs, support, contribution and feedback.

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Grassroots had our 1st year Anniversary on Dec 10th at MSSW, Egmore auditorium with 150+ supporters joining us. The event witnessed 30+ NGOs being represented by the founders and core members. We had our 6 NGOs who already on the platform

  1. Arappor Iyakkam,
  2. Chennai Social Service,
  3. Lit the Light,
  4. Satta Panchayathu Iyakkam,
  5. Shasha Foundation,
  6. Thozhan

talk about their journeys with Grassroots, what has been working really well for them and what they look forward to Grassroots providing them with in future.

Grassroots Update

The Grassroots team then took the audience through 3 key phases of the event

  1. Last year updates from Grassroots,
  2. Live demo of the App and
  3. The roadmap for the next 1 year.

Key stories shared from the journey through last year included

  1. number of events posted by the 6 NGOs,
  2. number of volunteers these events got through Grassroots and
  3. evolution of Grassroots App through the year based on feedback and challenges.

Grassroots App is now on web as against an Android app which makes it easier to access, install and use in desktops and phones.

Our Chief Guests

The stage then witnessed something beautiful and unexpected. Grassroots, to stay true to our name and vision, had invited some very special chief guests for the event. We had invited 5 very well recognized sanitary workers from the Chennai Corporation after getting nominations from the other workers themselves. Words would fail to describe how it felt to witness stories of people who were driving a Grassroots movement by going above and beyond what is expected of them in their roles.

Before we moved on, all the representatives of the different NGOs who had gathered there were requested to spend few minutes on the survey that Grassroots had created and shared with around 150 NGO in Chennai. The survey was an attempt by Grassroots to understand NGO’s current reality, challenges, some best practices across NGOs to allow NGOs to learn from each other and also understand current reality of volunteer-driven NGOs in Chennai.

If you are a representative of any volunteer-driven NGO in Chennai, you can still take the survey here:


The team then took the audience through a lovely demo of the App allowing them to access and run through the App in their own phones. Live demo included home page features, page to get preferences from volunteers and donation pages. It also took audience through the NGO admin page, new event creation procedure, details about volunteers that can be seen and location, funding features available along with event creation.

We then moved on to the last part of the event which would allow audience to get a peak into future roadmap of Grassroots. This included our plans for

  1. city wide expansion,
  2. plans and strategies to add more volunteers on the platform,
  3. new volunteer features to be added (volunteer recognition, reputation system and chat options) and
  4. new NGO admin features (social media integration, volunteer management systems and certificate issuance system)

in addition to all the existing features in Grassroots.


The event concluded with a vote of thanks to all our supporters, existing NGOs, friends and family who have travelled with and supported us through this one year.

Thank you once again. This movement accelerates faster and realizes its fullest potential in transforming NGOs and volunteering as it scales and reaches more volunteers and NGOs. Help us do that by liking and sharing our Facebook page if you haven’t already.

If you want to know more about Grassroots and /or get involved in any way, mail us at or call us at 99529 98132 / 63802 59592

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