Grassroots Q1, 2018 Report

Dear supporter, partner, well-wisher of Grassroots,

We have never been this excited and happy to share our Quarterly report as we are this time at the end of Q1, 2018. Grassroots has taken big strides this quarter in terms of usage, footfall on the App, registered users, number of NGO partners and number of volunteers who had joined events of NGOs through the App.

This report is a short synthesis of all the key data, insights and what it means for Grassroots and our future strategy.

Many more NGO partners join us

When we started in January, we had only 6 NGO partners including Arappor Iyakkam, Chennai Social Service, Lit the Light, Shasha Foundation, Satta Panchayathu Iyakkam, Thozhan. In the last 3 months, we have been able to reach out to more NGOs and few have reached out to us too after hearing about the various benefits NGOs can reap by using the App. At the end of March, we had 20 confirmed partners choosing to join hands with us and use the App and its features to further increase impact of their NGO.

Alert, Arappor Iyakkam(API), Chennai Social Service(CSS), Chennai Trekking Club(CTC), Crescent Blood Donors(CBD), Dhagam, Direction 4 Volunteers(D4V), Dean Foundation, DGSEA, Eethal, Environmentalist Foundation of India(EFI), Gold Heart Foundation, Green Wish Foundation, Lit the Light(LTL), Neelam, Satta Panchayathu Iyakkam(SPI), Sevai Karangal, Street Lights Foundation, Shasha Foundation and Thozhan.



Diversifying, connecting volunteers across causes & expanding impact

From creating impact only in supporting people with disabilities and road safety & traffic, Grassroots has started to include events across 9 key causes including children & youth, civic & legal, education & literacy, environment, healthcare, people with disabilities, politics, road safety & traffic and women empowerment. The share of events across causes (as evident from graph below) is also being more balanced and allowing for impact across varied causes and also allow volunteers addition for new causes.


Sharp increase in number of events over a week

From having just 7 events over the entire month of November, the month of March saw the App post 101 opportunities for change-makers to make a difference. The increase over a month has been constant and been increasing consistently over the last 5 months. With increased effort to add more NGOs as partners, we are having a goal of partnering with 50 NGOs and having a minimum of 50 events (across causes) every week on Grassroots.


Events spread across the city to allow volunteers across different parts of Chennai to attend events


Partner NGOs and their share of total events

In continuation of the trend in the past, Lit the Light, because of their high number of events every week, have contributed to close to 60% of the events on the App in Q1, 2018. Thozhan had contributed to around 23% of the events. This quarter, in addition to adding 14 more new NGO partners, Grassroots also had events by NGOs who are currently not our partner by the name of ‘Chennai events’. We took this decision to make sure the App becomes a hub of all major social events in Chennai regardless of whether the NGO organising it is our partner or not. With more NGOs expected to join us in the near future, we look forward to contribution being balanced by all NGOs.

Users, user numbers, dynamics and feedback

The last 3 months, especially March, has witnessed tremendous, exponential increase in the number of people visiting the Grassroots App and also number of users registering on the App. There have been days in the last few days where we witnessed more than 100 users on the App, looking through the events, features and joining the events.

What has also been very exciting to know is the dynamics of users on the App. In one particular week, we saw that most users were from the age group of 25-34 and also witnessed more female users than male. These are very promising signs not just for Grassroots but also for the world of volunteering and social change.

As a validation of the work the work that our NGO partners do and the impact of the events volunteers attended through the Grassroots App, we found volunteers giving an average rating of 4.56 out of 5 on their post event feedback. Grassroots makes it mandatory for volunteers to give feedback for events they had joined through App before they could move on and see future events.

Partner NGOs engagement with App and outcomes

The last 3 months also witnessed our partner NGOs engage more with the App. We are seeing more NGOs willing to explore NGO Admin panel on their own to post events by themselves instead of relying on Grassroots team. We are also seeing partner NGOs use the App event link as they share event details in whatsapp, social media and other platforms. Lit the Light and Thozhan have started sharing the event link in their own event detail sharing and benefiting through different features of the App. Barath SN, Founder of Lit the Light, specifically shared how his team has been saving so much time and seeing increased efficiency in event and volunteer management through different features of Grassroots App.

 Volunteers attending events after joining through App

Here are the number of volunteers who had joined different events through the App in the last 3 months.


Summary and Synthesis – Grassroots reality and way forward

Grassroots, without a doubt, has had one of its most exciting and successful quarters. Along every parameter one can think of – NGO partners, causes, events, users, registered users, volunteers attending events through Grassroots – it has been a period of growth and impact. The team moves ahead with more passion and commitment towards more ambitious NGO partner goals in the near future and designing a strong volunteer reach out strategy once we have significantly more NGO partners on board .

Some of the features to be added in the immediate future include NGO profile pages, event chat box, donation portal, volunteer profiles, social media integration and few other exciting features NGOs and volunteers would benefit a lot from.

As we reflect on the 3 months, we cannot thank all our supporters and well-wishers enough. We wouldn’t have come this far without your support. Thank you so much and look forward to your continual support so that Grassroots can realise its vision as early as possible.

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