We are back, silently this time

Yesss. Almost after 2 years of being in a passive mode, Grassroots is are slowly getting back online operationally. In the meantime, we had chance to

And with obvious startup enlightenment moment thanks to the above materials, we are not going for a grandeur launch this time around. We already gave the MVP to actual customers and started the experimentation.

Sleek NGO Profile Page

Many NGOs either don’t have website or have super outdated websites. For them, we offer clean NGO Profile page where they can list their

  • Vision and Mission
  • Causes and Activities
  • Media Recognitions and Awards
  • Projects they do
  • Their core team
  • and many more.

And unlike before, they can update all this anytime in an easy to use dashboard without depending on a techies. And yes of course, integrating this page with their own domain is coming soon.

Have a look at profile pages of

  1. Lit the Light
  2. Thozhan

Note: At the time of writing, we are still improving the designs. Will look much better in a week.

Recurring Fundraisers

We didn’t had a solid revenue model all this time. Not that we didn’t had anything at all, but didn’t had anything solid, which is the main reason we had to put Grassroots into a passive mode back in 2018. Yes, we had the idea of integrating the Fundraiser module later in the future once we had the volunteers/community thing going. But it never happened.

So now in the 2nd innings we are starting with the Fundraiser module right away. Oh wait! But we already have Milaap, Ketto, Impact Guru, Give India and a dozen others. Then why one more?

There are a couple of huge differentiation that we make here:

  • NGO being the Core entity: Unlike all other platforms that revolve around Fundraising Campaigns (Primary entity) created by NGOs / Individuals (Secondary entities), we retain our original idea of building the platform around NGOs and Volunteers. So in Grassroots, still NGOs are the primary Entities and Fundraisers come secondary.
    • The core problem that we are addressing right now is enabling the Non for Profits in collecting donations easily from their own volunteer base, who are very much willing to donate to their trusted NGOs, but the donations are not happening because of lack of systems/processes.
  • Recurring Donations: As far as we saw, only Give India provides recurring donations at 10% service charge, while all others are one shots. To start with we are catering to the need of recurring expenses of the NGOs. We believe apart from one time Impact activities, most of the NGO activities involve recurring expenses, which is not addressed yet.


Having 67 NGOs on board, and almost 2900+ events posted, none of our content appeared in Google so far, as our tech stack was not SEO friendly. We fixed that as well.

More exciting updates to come in coming months weeks….

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