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Lit the Light – Group reading session

To run their Technology Center for Visually challenged in Porur, Lit the Light is in need of Rs. 40,000 / month. They also have 100s of supporters to raise this money every month. But the devil lies in the process: Following up the donors (monthly), accounting it, sending receipts, compiling all this data for IT Filing and Annual reports is a huge administrative work that no Ngo/Volunteer wants to do.

NGOs and Volunteers are here to create the Impact, to be in the field, to be with people, not to do accounting, spreadsheets and mails. That’s where we pitch in, we solve the process with our system and keep them do what they love to do, to touch lives.

About Lit the Light

Lit the Light is one of our first set of 6 NGOs with whom we did the first alpha testing of Grassroots in 2016. Lit the Light is totally into serving the Physically challenged persons in all possible ways. To mention a very few:

  • Arranging almost 5000+ scribes every year across Tamilnadu (Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Vellore, Salem, etc.,), to help Visually challenged students write their exams.
  • Supporting nearly 30 schools and colleges in Chennai with scribes.
  • Assisting Visually impaired in getting jobs and successfully placed 25 candidates in different organisations, so far.
  • Assisting physically challenged persons in developing and showcasing their talents and reach a bigger stage in their life/career, sometimes getting a global reach. To mention a few:

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Lit the Light – Group reading session

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